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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (maybe)

Preparations for the 2020 season officially take a major step forward with our first manager's meeting on Monday, February 17th (7:00 p.m. at Knights of Columbus). The primary focus of the gathering will be finding a way to reinforce what was good from last season, such as the improved competitive balance of the Rec 3-4 night, while eliminating the bad - specifically the Thursday night, 4-team debacle.

Under consideration is committing to one competitive league night (likely Monday) and the remaining teams having a variable league night each week. For example, some teams who volunteer to do so may play on Tuesday some weeks, but Thursday on others. Any such change would still strive to keep a large degree of competitive balance. The top teams would not necessarily face teams at the bottom end of the spectrum. While this would make scheduling a significant challenge, we would try to do what's best for the league. Naturally, this is all up for discussion at the meeting. We may simply resign ourselves to returning to a more traditional schedule after all is said & done.

Another matter to be addressed is the possibility of starting the coed season in July and ending is closer to the state tournament near the middle of September.

All managers & players are encouraged to attend next week's meeting.

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