2021 Week 1 Schedule Breakdown


Monday night kicks off with some old rivals and a bye week with one of the top seeds from 2020.

With Looysen Eye Care off for week 1, they will impatiently wait for their rematch with the Corner Bar.

Two teams that were within 3 games of each other last season will be the night's featured game in AFI and Temple Baptist. Obviously, there will be plenty of rush to shake off while both teams get their bearings but this matchup will be one to watch.


Will anyone touch the Anchor Bar?

Anchor Bar ran the table last year and while there were plenty of scares the fact of the matter remains that the Anchor Bar still has a giant target on their backs.

Up first to shoot their shot? Agroline. Agroline is very used to playing against higher classified teams and will prove to be an extremely difficult matchup for Anchor Bar to start the season especially early on when the first game often provides the first cuts of the year for a lot of players.


Wednesday night welcomes the return of one of its longest-tenured teams, the Kensal Merchants. While Kensal will open against the formidable Black Sox the marquee matchup will be the 2020 Rec 1 State Champs IDK Soldiers versus the 2020 and perennial League Champions Esto Dignus Dream Team.

Both teams provide great hitters throughout the lineup and can seemingly score runs at will. Usually, these games come down to who can hit the most timely home runs.

As always, week 1 typically provides more questions than answers as teams are just getting started.

You can find the schedules posted here:


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