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A Season On Hold

USA Softball of North Dakota - following the lead of USA Softball and the Center for Disease Control - has recommended the suspension of all softball activities through at least May 10th. However, there is still a lot of concern about the possibility of our league starting even as soon as one week late. Therefore, we have made the decision to pull our schedules and wait until there is a chance to more confidently provide a start date in the future.

We appreciate your patience. You are certainly just as eager - if not more - to get back on the field as we are, especially after largely being sheltered at home for a significant period of time. Nonetheless, we want all of the members of our softball community and their families to be safe first and foremost. We hope to finally see all of you playing ball once again sooner rather than later. Take care everyone!


March 17th announcement from USA Softball of North Dakota regarding COVID-19...

"Dear Softball Community,

USA Softball is making a recommendation that all softball organizations across the country follow the guidelines of the CDC for their programming. What this means is we are recommending that all softball activity in the State of North Dakota be suspended for 8 weeks. The 8 week period will take us through Sunday, May 10th. This means the cancelation of our Annual Meeting, HOF Banquet, Leagues, Tournaments, etc. We will continue to reevaluate the situation and the effect on our softball program as time moves on.

Our primary concern is to protect the safety and health of all concerned.

Kind regards,

Dick Gulmon

USA Softball of North Dakota State Commissioner

Get the latest COVID-19 updates from USA Softball here."

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