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New Coed Season Begins August 21st

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As the men's & women's leagues come to a close this year, our annual coed season will bring players from the two leagues together for a six-week schedule from August 21st through the end of September. Once again, we are fortunate to have 10 teams entered. This year, they will be split into a 4-team upper division and a 6-team lower division with teams almost solely playing within their own division.

Games are scheduled for six consecutive Wednesdays at the Hillcrest Softball Complex. In the event of a postponement, we will attempt to use the following Sundays for makeup games. However, there will be no makeup games played on September 1st (Labor Day weekend) or September 8th (Coed state tournament weekend.

The Saturday after opening night will feature the Scott Schafer Memorial Coed Tournament, also at Hillcrest. If your team is interested, please let us know immediately.

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