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2019 Season Kicks off With Realignment

After much offseason debate and in an effort to make things more balanced the Men's association went back to the drawing board at our first meeting in 2019 on February 18th where realignment was the main topic of conversation.

Not everyone left happy and perhaps there were more questions than answers but at the end of the night but we all came together and made the nights a tad more competitive. Below you will find the proposed nights. Unless, a team can't make a night work these will be the assigned nights going into 2019. Members of the association are asked to bring their money ($750 per team) and roster to our follow up meeting on April 15th.

The biggest change is perhaps Wednesday night where there is a 2 home run limit and teams must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the state to make their rosters comply as if they were Rec 3 and below.

Men's softball League nights

Keep in mind there were a few teams who were not represented and we haven't seen everyone's roster but if those things hold these will be your assigned nights. Any new teams are more than likely going to be assigned to Wednesday nights first as long as the new teams roster fits the criteria.

We are going to try to avoid an odd number of teams. So, if a new team is better suited for Tuesday or Thursday any second team will also go to that night. (Hope that makes sense.)

-Other things discussed was a proposal of a new drinking fountain. This has been approved by the Parks and Rec.

Things that weren't discussed but will be happening.

-We will be cutting the infields back as soon as it get nice, presumably in June when school is out. This will be happening on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights so keep in mind you may be asked to move to a different diamond as we work around Parks and Rec but this project needs to be done.

-Parks and Rec will also be installing new hand dryers in both restrooms.

That's it for now. Please remember to like us on Facebook if you haven't yet!

See everyone on April 15th at 7pm at Shady's.

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