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8 Teams, Numerous Fans Brave Cold Temps

When a tournament is schedule in April in North Dakota, the conditions range from "pleasantly mild" (as in Fargo on Saturday) to "canceled due to snow". Right in the middle seems to be "barely warm enough to play". That might have been a generous description of Sunday's Early Bird tournament at the Hillcrest Softball Complex. Nonetheless, there were a number of eager players and a significant amount of fans bundled up to cheer them on.

The games were bookended by matchups between the Lisbon Lasers and the IDK Bar & Grill Soldiers, and they were both thrilling battles. The Soldiers walked off the opener in extra innings, then scored another one-run victory in the championship game rematch.

Thank you so much to all of the teams and players who came out this weekend, particularly those traveling from Bismarck, Fargo, Lisbon, and anywhere else to give us a full 8-team tournament. Thanks to the fans for supporting your teams despite the conditions. Thanks to the umpires and everyone who worked the tournament and helped these guys get some early at bats in as we head into everyone's league season next month. We hope to see everyone back (and, hopefully, much warmer temperatures) for our Monsta Tournament Series event May 20-21, the Spring Fling.

#EarlyBird #Tournament #Brrrrrrr

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