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Winter Meeting notes

The first manager's meeting of the new year was held on Monday, February 20th at the Gladstone Inn and kicked off with an update from the State Office regarding the association's rebranding to USA Softball of North Dakota, new roster & roster revision forms, and national tournaments being held locally at the end of the season. There was also the usual discussion about teams using "league only" rosters to alleviate classification issues that we deal with annually.

The board then announced our tournament schedule....

  • Early Bird (April 22-23): Men's Rec 1-2, Rec 3-4 | Entry fee $100

  • Spring Fling (May 20-21): Men's Rec 1-2, Rec 3-4 | Entry fee $100

  • Scott Schafer Memorial (August 26-27): Coed | Entry fee $125

The May tournament will be a part of the state association's Monsta Tournament Series. Another coed tournament may be added on the weekend of July 8-9. Jamestown will also host the Men's Masters 40 state tournament for the second year in a row.

The planned start date for league play is traditionally the first Monday in May. That puts us right at May 1st this year. A change to the playoff format will see all teams participating in the playoffs, with the final 3 weeks featuring best-of-3 series for all matchups. However, once a team loses a playoff series, their league season is over.

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing a proposal presented by the board to reduce the number of league nights to 3 in light of the dwindling number of teams and the difficulty in having enough umpires available, especially the Tuesday night league which competes with the largest women's league night for officiating. Pros & cons were delivered for both sides of the equation - both at the meeting and, subsequently, on our Facebook page. No commitment was made for either a 3 or 4 night league just yet as a lot can change before the league nights are are finalized at (or shortly after) the next meeting in April.

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