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Meeting Notes 2/21

-We discussed classifications and unfortunately, we will be discussing them again in April because we want to make it abundantly clear as to why this affects you. The long and short of it is this. If you roster any players from the Knight of Columbus, KC Esto Dignus or the IDK Soldiers, you can expect your team to be at minimum a Rec 1. Of course, this does not make anyone on the board or any member of the association happy, but it is what it is. Once again, we will clarify in April.


-The start of the season was voted on and it will begin the week of May 2nd and end the week of August 1st. As usual, we will make up all games and there will be no games the week of July 4th and this includes make-up games.


April 23-24 (We will be trying out a new divisional format. Ideally, we would like 4 divisions, so yeah, 16 teams!) This will be an open tournament and is guaranteed 4 games. Every team will have a chance to win cash on Sunday regardless of how they place on Saturday. Hopefully, the sharks eating the fish will be a thing of the past. You will be paired up with teams on Sunday according to their win-loss record on Saturday.


May 21-22 (Demarini Series Tournament) I would like to use the April format in May, but since it is a series tournament it may not be possible. This tournament is Rec1 and Below.


August 27-28 COED!!! This will be the first annual Scott Schafer invitational. We figured this would be a great way to honor a man who gave his all to the game of softball. More details on this as we get closer.


-The association approved the purchase of (10) masks for use by the members of the association. We will provide masks for any infielder who would like to try one. The masks will be available at the concessions stands for a deposit of $5 which will be refunded after the mask is returned. Those "renting" a mask will also need to sign a waiver since we can't force you to wear it. The waiver will only need to be filled out once and will be kept on file.


-We tabled discussion about pickup players and discussion about purchasing batting cages for the April meeting.


With the batting cages, we are looking for someone who would have space for rent to the association in the months of October through April so that teams could pay a fee and take batting practice in the off-season. We will have more information at the April meeting regarding costs. The biggest need right now is space.

-Lastly, please have some sort of representation from your team at the April meeting on April 17th. We will update you with where and a time in the coming weeks. Just an FYI there is a spot open on Monday if you are looking to move.

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